Utilising AI and Anthropology to obtain a better understanding of people

Arla is piloting the combination of AI and anthropology to understand opportunities and barriers in the UK-market regarding health in the food and dairy category.
With the use of Will & Agency’s AI-tool for analysis of vast amounts of semantic data, derived from a variety of different online sources and media, we were able to produce an initial overview of areas, conversations, and opportunities for Arla to address in the market space. The AI-analysis provides an initial map of strategic opportunities to be addressed in relation to product development and/or marketing in general.
Based on the overview from the AI-analysis, we activated our Mobile-Ethnography platform and derived 250+ qualitative input from the UK-target group in record time. The processed input resulted in a series of tangible insights into shopping scenarios and eating situations, providing Arla with a better understanding of how to address relevant situations of the UK dairy-consumer.
By combining different types of data and tools, we were able to provide Arla with tangible strategic recommendations as to how they successfully navigate the category of health in the UK-market.
To hear more about how AI can help you obtain insights about new markets and opportunities, feel free to reach out to Jesper Thomsen for a demonstration.


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